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It’s your success, we just line up the connections. We are committed to providing you with the best job options and excel in making it easy for clients to choose you. In order to make that right fit for you, IRIS takes the time and goes the extra IT Candidate Opportunitiesdistance to understand your goals, preferences, and ideals. Our qualification methods help us validate your expertise and showcase your capabilities to employers.


IRIS candidates keep returning when it’s time to find the next contract because of our open and honest approach. We’ll share what we know about each client and the opportunity. Time and experience are invested into every requirement, going beyond what is written in the specification to learn the keys to the hiring manager’s decisions – those often unwritten pieces that make the difference. We then provide this information for you to make a sound and lasting decision. We keep your information confidential and will not forward your resume without your prior consent. If you have located an opportunity and the hiring manager would like to engage you, but you are required to be hosted through a qualified organization, IRIS can host you for a nominal fee.


IRIS believes recognizing and rewarding our community for their efforts is a building block to our success. We’re excited to offer incentives which bolster that ideal through our:

  • IRIS Candidate Referral Rewards Program

  • IRIS Partnership Networking Program

If you have built a strong relationship network within the IT industry and have been looking for the right avenue to take full advantage of those relationships, IRIS is the right option for you.



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