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At IRIS Consulting Corporation, we bring over 25 years of expertise to the forefront of IT staffing. Our mission is to connect diverse talent with innovative companies, driving success in the ever-evolving world of technology.


Your Trusted Partner in IT Staffing

We are more than just recruiters; we are relationship builders. With a focus on understanding the unique needs of both clients and candidates, we ensure perfect matches that lead to lasting success in IT projects and careers.


Specialized Services for Every IT Need –

Contract and Contract-to-Hire

Find collaborative and skilled IT professionals for your project-based needs. Our contract and contract-to-hire staffing solutions offer the flexibility and expertise to help you manage dynamic workloads, specialized projects, and potentially bring impactful IT talent onto your team permanently.

Direct Placement

Connect with dedicated IT professionals for long-term roles. Our direct-placement staffing services focus on finding candidates who not only match the technical requirements but also fit seamlessly into your company culture.

Executive Search

Discover leaders who can transform your IT landscape. Our IT executive search service specializes in finding leadership talent with the strategic vision to lead your technology teams towards groundbreaking success.

IT Near Shore Staffing

Extend your team with globally talented IT professionals in nearby regions. Our nearshore staffing solutions combine the benefits of cost-effectiveness with cultural and time zone alignment.


What Our Partners Say

Hear from the businesses and IT professionals who have found success through our staffing solutions.

I have worked with IRIS for 8 years. As a busy IT manager I get frustrated with firms that feel like they need to send a lot of resumes to see what sticks. Those firms waste a lot of my time and eventually I stop reading their resumes. I have found IRIS candidates very well aligned with my needs and if there is a miss, they ask why and adjust their recruiting. IRIS candidates are always worth my time.

Star Rating

IT Manager

Fortune 500 Power Sports Company

With most consulting firms, you are just a number. With IRIS, you are a valued employee treated with care and personalized attention. Additionally, IRIS is one of the few elevated firms that has earned the status of a preferred vendor to attractive companies…

Star Rating

IT Scrum Master

Fortune 500 Air Carrier

IRIS makes the process of finding and onboarding candidates as easy as possible. They listen, they ask good questions and then they present candidates that truly align with the need. I never feel like I’m wasting my time when reviewing a potential candidate.

Star Rating

IT General Manager

Fortune 500 Air Carrier

I have had the privilege of collaborating with IRIS Consulting Corporation over several years, both as a client and as a consultant represented by IRIS. Throughout my engagements, I have consistently encountered a top-tier professional team and my experiences have all been positive…

…Based on my experiences, I highly recommend partnering with IRIS for your staffing needs.

Star Rating

Chief of Staff

Industry Leading Biotech Company

Working for a Fortune 500 company, I have engaged hundreds of contractor resources for projects ranging from a handful to several hundred members. The success of projects is based on the resources, and finding key consulting firms who partner with you to truly understand your needs and provide top notch resources is a must. IRIS has been that type of a partner for decades. They commit to spending time developing the relationships with hiring managers to hone the resource needs so that the submitted candidates are ringers. Their screening process of possible candidates from the market is superior to their competitors such that their candidate submissions yield high performance and enable team synergies. IRIS cares about value of each resources and the strength of the relationship to support the customers objectives…

Star Rating


Client Company