Privacy Policy

Regarding IRIS Consulting Corporation’s SMS Service

IRIS Consulting Corporation partners with trusted telecom providers to allow the IRIS Consulting Corporation clients to communicate with their contacts, candidates, and employees via SMS or MMS regarding employment opportunities and/or their present job assignments. SMS is not meant to be used for large data transfers, such as candidates’ CVs/resumes or other large files.

Data surrounding the opt-in consent for SMS communication is never transferred to third-party entities.

In some cases, personal information of employees, such as mobile phone numbers, may be conveyed to trusted background check or payroll partners for the purposes of communication, access and validation. Otherwise, IRIS Consulting Corporation never shares mobile numbers or any other data for marketing purposes or any other purposes. Furthermore, IRIS Consulting Corporation never sells personal data for marketing or any other purposes. Whether employees’ data is conveyed to trusted partners or not, the employees remain part of the talent platform and/or managed workforce of IRIS Consulting Corporation clients, and the IRIS Consulting Corporation clients can continue to engage with them vis SMS or MMS regarding employment—as their original opt-in is not rescinded by the recipient.

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