Posting Date: 2024-06-05

Atlanta, GA

DPH Developer 3



Rebuild existing TB Patient Management (TBPM) System in a modern architecture/framework.
Update TB workflows to better align with TBPM processes.
Eliminate the many steps involved updating various data input screens
Build in processes to ingest TB eCRs and ELR data feeds
Redevelop the Report of a Verified Case of TB (RVCT) process.
Streamline the data extract Message Mapping Guide (MMG) for transmission to the CDC.

The TBPM system is to replace the existing TBPM system built some 15 years ago, as workflows and processes have changed within the TB section, the tool used to track patients with TB hasn’t kept up to date due to there not being a designated resource to keep up with these changing protocols. This has led to a system that no longer supports the day to day activities needed to be accomplished managing TB patients within Georgia.

The current system has multiple tabs that split up the data entry into groups of information corresponding to the tabs heading. It is envisaged this way of organizing the various data grouping will stay the same in the rebuilt version.

Current tab organization
Epi Investigation – Additional Epi investigative information, genotyping, linking with a known case etc.
Documents – supporting documentation upload area
Imaging – Chest imaging results including type of image taken CT scan, MRI etc.
Tests – Blood tests and results information with an upload function for the actual test report image.
Diagnosis – Case verification status, Suspect, Not a case etc.
CI – Contact Investigation Summary
RVCT – This report gets built over time and once complete gets sent to the CDC.
Patient – Patient Demographics, Address History etc.
Assessment – Site of TB, previous diagnosis of TB and Risk factors
Meds – TB Medications being taken
DOT – Directly Observed Therapy and if treatment/meds stopped the reason why
Susceptibility – Molecular Susceptibility
Bacteriology – Drug susceptibility etc.
MDR – Observes the side effects of the various prescribed medications.

Equal opportunity employer including disability/veterans.

  • Max. file size: 300 MB.

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