Posting Date: 2024-03-28

Minneapolis, MN

Azure Application Developer



The Hennepin Health and Human Serivces ITRM would like to bring in a consultant with experience assisting teams in developing cloud first & mobile first web applications with Angular and .NET API hosted in Azure. The focus of this engagement would be merging multiple on-prem finance applications into a financial system.

  • Apply best practices and assist development team in creating mobile first web application.
    • Basic flow:
  1. Landing page (non-authenticated)
  2. Landing page (authenticated)
  3. Menu to launch next portion of financial system (lazily)
  4. Primary functionality for portion of financial system.
  • Mobile first web application development with Angular.
  • Designing and creating responsive SASS with PrimeNG component library.
  • SASS best practices for user experience and accessibility WCAG 2.1 Level 1 and 2 compliances and complying to Hennepin County design standards.
  • Building reusable components
  • Monorepo style of architecture.
  • Multiple Angular applications managed in single PACKAGE.JSON.
  • Reducing of number of applications requiring framework updates and deployments separately.
  • Multiple lazy loaded modules sharing library functionality and reducing duplication of code.
  • Rely on NgRx store to manage state and communicate with API.
  • Functional programming using RxJS.
  • OOP principles and reduction of imperative programming practices.
  • Testing driven development to ensure new added functionality doesn’t break previous releases.
  • Tools and techniques for developing applications that work on all devices.
  • Browser detection and error handling using Application Insights.
  • Dashboard or Power BI (User metrics)

Required skills:

  • Good working understanding of on-prem Microsoft Infrastructure technologies.
  • Expert knowledge in Angular and PrimeNG, NgRx, RxJS frameworks.
  • Expert knowledge in .NET C# API.
  • Expert knowledge in Azure SQL Databases.
  • Expert knowledge in Microsoft MSAL authentication for Angular.
  • Expert knowledge in SASS and mobile first development.
  • Good understanding of ECMAScript and their support on different devices.
  • Good understanding of testing web applications for mobile use and accessibility.
  • Expert knowledge of Azure Services and Azure portal.
  • Good understanding of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory fundamentals.
  • Test driven development experience using Jest.
  • Lint experience using angular-eslint.
  • Azure DevOps; git and pipeline

Equal opportunity employer including disability/veterans.

  • Max. file size: 300 MB.

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