In his groundbreaking book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell espoused the idea of finding a way to help others leap the chasm… make it easy to get to “yes.”

Simple and powerful – we liked it a lot. We decided to put it into our everyday thinking about how we could improve the candidate selection process for our clients…

Not too long ago, we submitted a candidate for an important and visible role at one of our large complex clients. Within 24 hours of the submittal, our client asked us to engage the candidate. No interview had occurred and the candidate had never previously worked for that client nor with that manager.

As is usually the case with this client and other similar large clients, there were well over 20 other candidates offered by other vendors. How did this candidate so quickly rise out of the stack of resumes and generate such an enthusiastic response by the Hiring Manager?

While we were happily surprised by this reaction we were also curious about how we could repeat it. As we developed the picture of how this occurred, we began to understand the essence of getting to “yes.”

The candidate is still engaged at our client and we’re working on his second extension. An efficient and lasting success.

We’ve integrated what we learned into a repeatable approach that improves your decision process in both speed and confidence. Call today to arrange a time to further explore how you may move beyond hoping that you’ve chosen the right resources.